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Continents of the World: Asia

Author: John Lesley
Retail Price: $29.99
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ISBN: 9781922322432
Format: Hardback
Published: July 2023
Published By: Redback Publishing
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Product Description

The continent of Asia covers about 30% of the Earth’s land surface. It is the biggest of all the world’s continents, and the birthplace of the world’s largest religions. In this book, find out how the way people in Asia live and work has been influenced by the varied climates and landscapes of their continent.

What is a continent, and are there seven or five? Some continents are surrounded by water, but others have borders with each other that are often difficult to define. Did you know that the continents can move? How does this happen and what does it mean for the future of the continent you live on? Find out all about Earth’s continents, how they are similar and how they differ, as well as the effect people have had on the landscapes where they live.

Australian Curriculum:
ISBN: 9781922322432
Number of Pages: 32
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: 8+
Published Date: 01-Jul-2023
Dimensions (mm): 277x224mm
Publisher: Redback Publishing

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