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You Wouldn't Want To Be: A Mammoth Hunter

Author: John Malam
Illustrator: David Antram
Retail Price: $16.99
Betabooks Price $13.59
ISBN: 9781910706466
Format: Paperback
Published: March 2016
Published By: Salariya Book Company
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Product Description

Get ready...finding food and shelter in the ice age is not easy. You must be ready to trek for miles in search of prey, and that's the easy part. Then you have to catch a mammoth. It's dangerous! Top Tips from experts: - Use mammoth bones to make a strong structure for your house. - Learn to make fire. It will keep you warm and you can cook your food. - Track a herd of mammoth by following their dung trail. You can't miss it! - Heat your spear tip in the fire to sharpen it - mammoth hide is tough!
ISBN: 9781910706466
Number of Pages: 40
Format: Paperback
Reading Level:
Published Date: 10-Mar-2016
Dimensions (mm): 240x212mm
Publisher: Salariya Book Company

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