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The Specialists: Native Tongue

Author: Shannon Greenland
Retail Price: $12.95
Betabooks Price $10.36
ISBN: 9780142411605
Format: Paperback
Published: September 2008
Published By: Penguin
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Product Description

A South American Indian girl has mysteriously emerged from the jungle carrying a centuries-old vase. Legend has it that this vase was important to the culture and heritage of at least fifteen different North and South American Indian tribes. And now that it has been discovered, all fifteen nations want it back. The tribes will be meeting in Rutina, South America, to "decide" who gets the vase.
Enter the Specialists. Parrot - with his amazing linguistics skills - will serve as an official translator. Meanwhile, GiGi will be heading to a cave with ancient hieroglyphics that purportedly reveal the rightful owners of the vase. No one has ever been able to decode these writings - not even the elders of each nation. It's up to GiGi and her coding expertise to try to decipher them.
ISBN: 9780142411605
Number of Pages: 237
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Secondary
Published Date: 11-Sep-2008
Dimensions (mm): 125x175mm
Publisher: Penguin

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