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100 Maths Interactives Ages 8-10 - (Interactive Teaching Resource)

Interactive CD (Software - Site Licences Available)

Author: RIC Publications
Retail Price: $79.95
Betabooks Price $75.95
ISBN: 9781741267037
Format: CD-ROM
Published: September 2008
Published By: RIC Publications
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Product Description

This three-level series provides teachers with interactive activities that comprehensively cover the mathematics curriculum. Ideal for introducing, consolidating or revising key maths concepts.


* Calculating
* Counting and understanding number
* Handling data
* Knowing and using number facts
* Measuring
* derstanding shape
* ing and applying mathematics

Ages 5-7 RIC-10003 Product code: 9781741267020
Ages 8-10 RIC-10004 Product code: 9781741267037
Ages 11+ RIC-10005 Product code: 9781741267044
AUD $79.95 each
Site licences - additional charge
RIC-10003M1 $100.00
RIC-10004M1 $100.00
RIC-10005M1 $100.00
RIC-10003M2 $200.00
RIC-10004M2 $200.00
RIC-10005M2 $200.00
RIC-10003M3 $300.00
RIC-10004M3 $300.00
RIC-10005M3 $300.00
ISBN: 9781741267037
ISBN-10: RIC10004
Number of Pages:
Format: CD-ROM
Reading Level: Primary
Published Date: 11-Sep-2008
Dimensions (mm): 135x190mm
Publisher: RIC Publications

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