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Complete Rock Climber, The

Author: Malcolm Creasey
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ISBN: 9780754811787
Format: Hardback
Published: June 2006
Published By: Lorenz Books
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Product Description

The complete guide to rock climbing, from first steps to advanced rescue techniques, with over 600 stunning colour photographs. Includes step-by-step guides to safe practice in all aspects of the sport, including belaying, leading and abseiling, and in all locations from climbing walls and sport climb venues to remote mountain crags and sea cliffs. Informs you what clothing and equipment you need when and where. Top training tips to get the most out of your climbing sessions and to develop stamina and strength.

Key information on navigation, first aid and weather interpretation - essential skills for the adventurous climber. The best climbing locations are around the world are given, from Africa, Asia and Australia to Britain, Europe and the United States.

Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing leisure activities, involving millions of people worldwide. The complete Rock Climber is a full comprehensive illustrated guide to the subject, and covers hundreds of topics, ranging from basic indoor wall climbing techniques to the ultimate adventure of scaling sea cliffs and high mountain crags.

A History of Climbing takes a brief look at the origins of the sport and its development, and clearly describes the different aspects of the modern game, including traditional and sport climbing, bouldering and free soloing.
Getting Started includes advice on essential clothing and equipment, how to prepare and warm-up to avoid injury, and how to take those first moves on the wall or rock. All the different types of handholds and footholds are described and illustrated, and the section concluded with the more advanced techniques required for climbing steep rock.
Ropework and Emergency Ropework detail all you need to know weather climbing indoors or outdoors, from top roping or bottom roping and leading on single or multipitch routes to abseiling and emergency techniques.
Into the Hills Looks at climbing in remote places and the special skills needed to do this safely and responsibly, including navigation, interpreting the weather and first aid.
Advanced Training is for climbers who want to develop their climbing performance further and achieve the ultimate in strength and endurance through systematic training.
Rock Around the World takes a global tour of the very best climbing locations, from the Old Man of Hoy off northern Scotland and the granite crags on the Mediterranean island or Corsica to the big walls of Yosemite Valley in California, the sandstone canyons of Australia's Blue Mountains and the cliffs, draped with stalactites, that drop into the turquoise Andaman Sea off Thailand.
With expert advice and superb illustrations, The Complete Rock Climber is the essential guide for all practioners of this exciting sport

ISBN: 9780754811787
ISBN-10: 0754811786
Number of Pages: 256
Format: Hardback
Reading Level:
Published Date: 28-Jun-2006
Dimensions (mm): 305x240mm
Publisher: Lorenz Books

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