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21st Century Debates: World Health


Author: Ronan Foley
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ISBN: 9780750239509
Format: Hardback
Published: February 2014
Published By: Hodder Wayland
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Product Description

The Impact on Our Lives.

Over the last 100 years there have been enormous developments in modern medicine, and a whole range of previously incurable illnesses can now be treated. Yet people's chances of living a long, healthy life still vary dramatically, according to which country they live in, their social status, housing, diet, and many other factors.

'World Health' examines the different systems of healthcare, and the many inequalities in medical provision, that exist around the world. Why do the same diseases kill more people in some places than others? How have the major threats to human health changed over the years? And what can be done in the future to make the world's population healthier?

The '21st Century Debates' series looks at the way in which science and technology affects our lives. At the dawn of a new millennium, humanity finds itself equipped with unprecedented powers in the areas of science, communication and social control. Where are these new technologies taking us? Are they leading to the kind of society in which we want to live? This series examines the difficult decisions and awesome responsibilities faced by governments, organisations and individuals concerned with the effects of such rapid progress.
ISBN: 9780750239509
Number of Pages: 64
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: Primary, Lower Secondary
Published Date: 14-Feb-2014
Dimensions (mm): 175x245mm
Publisher: Hodder Wayland

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