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Days Like This

Author: Alison Stewart
Retail Price: $19.95
Betabooks Price $15.96
ISBN: 9780143206545
Format: Paperback
Published: August 2011
Published By: Penguin
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Product Description

Lily and Kieran broke free of the mass of people and sped along, swerving and skidding, navigating around the rubble. Kieran strained to keep them upright because the road bulged and shuddered. The people they passed looked terrified. Many covered their ears to try and block out the earth's noise. The Wall, which swung in a tight semi-circle around Sydney's exclusive water-view areas, had disappeared.

Now, a new tide of people scrambling away from the foreshore swept them up. Lily caught another glimpse of the Wall as the noise intensified and the ground shook more strongly. Kieran unexpectedly veered off in an odd direction, not straight for the Wall as he should have done. She opened her mouth to shout a question but then she saw something that silenced her. In the distance rose a fresh wall of water, far bigger than the first. It swirled and crashed between the trees and the houses, gathering a solid wedge of debris. People trapped within this vicious washing machine were tumbled and flung like rag dolls.

Kieran accelerated up a steep incline, away from the water that followed with its gruesome cargo. Worryingly, they were travelling back towards the open sea and the exposed southern headland of the harbour. Lily hoped Kieran knew what he was doing.

'Run!' she screamed to the people flashing past. 'Run!' but the clamour sucked away her voice. They knew what was coming because they ran with their bodies hunched over and their arms covering their heads. Twisting erratically, Kieran steered at such a speed, Lily's head snapped back and forth. On and up they went, with the massive new wave closing in fast behind them.
ISBN: 9780143206545
Number of Pages: 308
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Secondary
Published Date: 03-Aug-2011
Dimensions (mm): 196x128mm
Publisher: Penguin

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