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Wishes on the Moon

Author: Michael O. Tunnell
Retail Price: $16.95
Betabooks Price $13.56
ISBN: 9780142412701
Format: Paperback
Published: February 2010
Published By: Penguin
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Product Description

Two books, one story - an exotic adventure! Aminah is an orphan living on the streets of the Arabian city of Al Kal'as. Starving and desperate, she appeals to Princess Badr for work, but the evil wife of Aladdin responds by throwing a seemingly old and worthless lamp at her. Hoping to sell the lamp, Aminah tries to polish it. But to her surprise, a cloud of purple smoke spews forth and a jinni appears. He grants her three wishes with the rising of each full moon. The jinni's magic brings Aminah food, clothing, and shelter; but Aminah cannot achieve true happiness until she has helped those she has left behind. And although the jinni warns her that his magic cannot help others, he finds it impossible to resist Aminah's kindness. Meanwhile, the Princess is on the hunt for the lamp, putting Aminah and the jinni on the run. And when the lamp suddenly disappears, and the jinni loses his powers, they have to rely on bravery, luck, and a bit of sorcery in order to find the lamp and survive thieving bands, pirates, and their biggest challenge of all: Princess Badr, who seeks not only the lamp, but also revenge.
ISBN: 9780142412701
Number of Pages: 484
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Secondary
Published Date: 01-Feb-2010
Dimensions (mm): 140x210mm
Publisher: Penguin

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