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Big Funky Action

Author: Jeff Raglus
Retail Price: $14.20
Betabooks Price $11.36
ISBN: 9780091837693
Format: Paperback
Published: August 2009
Published By: Random House Australia
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Product Description

Big Funky Action is just that!
Year 2000 adventure stories for older more discerning teens (15 to 50!) from Pop Artist, musician and general drop-kick Jeff Raglus.
This book has it all!
What about - The Really Quite Useful section with stuff like...How to form a band and become a Sex Magnet! How to make heaps of money whilst doing bugger-all work!
And wait...there's more!
Bad Counsel for Teens. Cartoons, puzzles, handy hints...and what about:
Mr Nose It All (The Wise Rock). The Tall Tales But True section, with stories like...No Sex for Nerds! Raymond the Free-Love Guru!
ISBN: 9780091837693
Number of Pages: 249
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Upper Secondary
Published Date: 04-Aug-2009
Dimensions (mm): 130x198mm
Publisher: Random House Australia

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