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Mary-Kate and Ashley: Two of a Kind - Wish on a Star

Author: Kouise A. Gikow
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ISBN: 9780060595920
Format: Paperback
Published: May 2006
Published By: Harper Collins
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Product Description

Dear Diary, My friend Becky and I got great jobs working in the headmistress's office. But the headmistress is strict and has a "three strikes, you're out" rule. Becky has already messed up twice! I didn't want Becky to get fired, so I said her last mistake was my fault. Now I have a big problem, Diary-how do I help Becky keep her job without losing mine? Ashley Dear Diary, I got the coolest assignment for a class project - I'm working at Starbright Stables! I love taking care of the horse, but my partner, Courtney, hardly ever shows up. I'm doing all the work by myself! We're being graded as a team and if she doesn't start helping me soon, we'll both fail! Mary-Kate
ISBN: 9780060595920
ISBN-10: 0060595922
Number of Pages: 95
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Primary
Published Date: 01-May-2006
Dimensions (mm): 128x198mm
Publisher: Harper Collins

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