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Surviving Antarctica

Reality TV 2083

Author: Andrea White
Retail Price: $14.99
Betabooks Price $11.99
ISBN: 9780060554569
Format: Paperback
Published: February 2007
Published By: Harper Collins
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Product Description

It's fifty degrees below zero.

It's 2083 and five teens are contestants on a reality TV show, Antarctic Survivor, which is set up to re-create a doomed 1912 attempt to reach the South Pole. But this reality TV is not just an act. The five must struggle to survive the real conditions that killed the original team of experienced explorers and scientistsor die trying.

In the Antarctic, the wind and snow can blow so hard, you can't see your hand in front of your face. Death lurks in every frozen crevasse. What chance does the Antarctic Survivor team have?
ISBN: 9780060554569
Number of Pages: 437
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Secondary
Published Date: 12-Feb-2007
Dimensions (mm): 175x150
Publisher: Harper Collins

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