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The Magnificent 12: The Call

Sometimes One Hero Isn't Enough

Author: Michael Grant
Retail Price: $16.99
Betabooks Price $13.59
ISBN: 9780007395996
Format: Paperback
Published: October 2010
Published By: Harper Collins
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Product Description

Twelve-year-old Mack McAvoy is not particularly outstanding. He is not a great student, he2s glib and sarcastic, he has a list of phobias as long as your arm, and he2s far from popular. In fact, he2s more of a bully magnet. That is, until Mack is visited by a golem. The golem looks exactly like Mack, except the golem likes to sleep on the ceiling. And he2s got some bad news: he has been sent to fill in for the real Mack in Sedona, Arizona, while the real Mack sets out to save the world from the evil Pale Queen. To do so, Mack must assemble an elite team of twelve powerful children from all around the world, including Jarrah from Australia and Stefan from Mack2s very own hometown-Stefan, who used to use Mack as a punching bag. Together the three of them must travel to Australia2s Uluru desert to face off against Risky. Risky is a beautiful redhead girl who is just a tween herself, but don2t let her age fool you: Risky is pure evil. She gets it from her mother.

Who is her mother exactly? None other than the Pale Queen, who has been a force of evil to be reckoned with since before medieval times. Mack2s story is interspersed with that of Grimluk, a pre-medieval teen who is enlisted into the Magnifica, a team assembled during his time to battle the Pale Queen and her henchmen. The Magnifica triumphed over the Pale Queen in Grimluk2s time, and Mack, Jarrah, and Stefan triumph over Risky in their time-or so they think...

Packed with action and infused with humor and magic, The Magnificent 12: The Call ends with a delicious cliffhanger that will have readers craving the next book.
ISBN: 9780007395996
Number of Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Reading Level: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
Published Date: 08-Oct-2010
Dimensions (mm): 196x130mm
Publisher: Harper Collins

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