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Stop in the Name of Pants!

Author: Louise Rennison
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ISBN: 9780007275830
Format: Hardback
Published: November 2008
Published By: Harper Collins
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Product Description

I am now officially the girlfriend of a Luuurve God. Yippee!!
He is quite literally gorgey porgey beyond belief. Times a hundred.
I will never again be on the rack of boynosity, hanging around the cakeshop of luurve, trying to find a spare eclair.
So tell me this. How in the name of giddygodspyjamas have I ended up snogging Dave the Laugh? Again!!!
And it wasn't just matey-type mate snogging. It was a 'phwoooaaar' snogging situation, verging on number five!!
Why won't he stop sneaking about in my brain?
ISBN: 9780007275830
Number of Pages: 286
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: Upper Secondary
Published Date: 04-Nov-2008
Dimensions (mm): 140x190mm
Publisher: Harper Collins

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