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Dogs to the Rescue - Set of 3

Set of 3 Books

Author: Sara Green
Retail Price: $83.97
Betabooks Price $66.00
Format: Hardback
Published: May 2016
Published By: Bellwether Media
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Product Description

Police dogs are valued members of police departments all over the world. They help officers fight crime and save lives. In the early 1900s, police dogs appeared on the scene in the United States. For decades, their numbers remained small. In the 1970s, police dog training improved. Police forces around the country began to include dogs on their teams. Today, thousands of canine officers are on the job every day.

Titles in the Set:
Bomb-Sniffing Dogs ----- 9781600149542
Guide Dogs ----- 9781600149559
Police Dogs ----- 9781600149573
Number of Pages: 24
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: Primary
Published Date: 25-May-2016
Dimensions (mm): 235x195mm
Publisher: Bellwether Media

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