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Health Issues: Epilepsy

Author: Susan Elliot-Wright
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ISBN: 9780750243803
Format: Hardback
Published: February 2004
Published By: Hodder Wayland
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Product Description

People with epilepsy, their friends and families need to think about its effects when they make choices about many things they want to do. The more we understand epilepsy, the more it can be incorporated into normal, everyday life. This book explains epileptic seizures, the possible causes of epilepsy, its diagnosis and treatment. It also focuses on living with epilepsy.
ISBN: 9780750243803
ISBN-10: 0750243805
Number of Pages: 64
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: Primary, Lower Secondary
Published Date: 06-Feb-2004
Dimensions (mm): 175x245mm
Publisher: Hodder Wayland

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